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  The City Hotel (Chengshi Jiudian) is located in Xi'an's commercial district just a stone's throw from the Bell Tower,  where guests can catch the Green Bus to most top Xi'an attractions.Beautifully decorated and equipped with modern facilities,  this Xi'an Hotel also provides car rentals and other travel services.The hotel's Western restaurant serves well-prepared dishes in a romantic atmosphere.[View Detail]         

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  • cason
    WiFi did not say when poor front desk attitude is what maintenance environment is not good there is no hair dryer, housing prices have risen more than 1 time during the national day will never consider this bad review!
  • leexueyu
    MOM and dad stay happy, convenient, and can sign up for local travel, service was good
  • gyj_gaoyujun
    I in both at home and abroad live had too more of hotel, this a home, regardless of from hardware facilities also is service aspects, are can said is worst of. only advantages is location near Tower sightseeing core, probably also are for so, they not worry tourist, also on on improved service fell on deaf ears has. I in there only live a late, on witnessed has several up guest and shop party of conflict. I of feel: the shop has big city of arrogance, no big city of service. I is again not toLive it!
  • ft4353081
    Facilities are old and only 1.3 meters and big bed, remember to look at it again.
  • Tsai Joyce Tsai
    Location was great, but Windows is blocking the line of sight by old house! meals on the second floor, hotel facilities old price barely
  • gw0704
    Location of the hotel was great, surrounded by shopping malls, from the Muslim street close, many snacks, convenient distance is close to the South Gate of the city walls. hardware of the hotel a bit, but good service, staff were great ... had the opportunity to live again.
  • lily871026
    Besides the other locations are not satisfied.
  • sensen79
    Two days is not enough and continued the night
  • e00110913
    The location is very good. is the door in the alley was second only to find me around a large circle, little brother is very enthusiastic to help stop the car for security so I don't worry out. deficiencies is the bed is narrow and only 1.1 meters.
  • apple3664
    Cost-effective, convenient, breakfast very good, recommended
  • alex Sun
    Hotel location good, but hotel facilities, health, front desk service General, personal feel Xian people good, but businesses are a Deputy died fish faces, buy things cannot price, as long as price immediately turned, also cannot free selected, is equal to is see which will buy. snacks alone has, paste spicy soup only Ma, a bowl cheap vegetables; Xian of lamb special unpalatable, and we Ningxia of poor 108,000 in. but Jia San irrigation soup, Babel porridge is delicious.
  • jayceepu
    No hot water in the evening, front desk and no one has answered
  • syi_0314
    Good location, to the forest of steles, Moslem can walk the street, away from the big wild goose pagoda, Shaanxi Province, not far from the Museum. around big malls are many, shopping is very convenient.
  • paul178
    Better hotel facilities old
  • irlin33
    Convenient, each can.
  • JASON8687
    Location is very good, very old, breakfast for one flight, service was good, travel company downstairs, very convenient!
  • lfm_9999
    Good location
  • samwu0805
    Location is very good. clock tower, Muslim Street, very close to the ancient city walls
  • wanglc123
    The location of the hotel is very good, service was good, also the second floor of the restaurant is very affordable, taste, the only drawback is the water in the bathroom is too small. when checking out the phone on the bed and then return when you come in, good luck!
  • san_miguel
    This price for this location is medium price has, location is quite of good, this praise a a. hanging Samsung. Hotel wireless too pit dad, can't with. single between also too small has. than I yiqian set of small too more, is staying when said finished I, 30 minutes, if I didn't asked, estimated on put I to forget has. hotel hot is warm water, no can adjustable of more hot of, and only a big spent sprinkled, flow is fine is slow, not know other room is such.
  • baobaoang
    Hotels in the city center, very hard to find. you can have delicious snacks. belfry is in the vicinity. worth living!
    Great location, walk to the Muslim snack Street, Tower or something very convenient! front desk staff or security personnel to help stop or are very enthusiastic. because others didn't leave room before, then selected here was a blessing in disguise! but if you are driving, parking not convenient. other very good!
  • beata526
    Air conditioning is to force, staff were very friendly, good location, a day in drinking water
  • Luo Ronan
    Good location, but the waiter they see, air conditioning is too loud and not cooling the room, breakfast too, in short you won't stay.
    Located in the city center, to the Bell Tower, drum tower and the South Gate of the city wall to visit easy, entrance road vehicles. featured in health, good breakfast.
  • fany77
    Good location, but noisy!
  • angsi010
    Great location, away from the forest, the small wild goose pagoda, Bell and drum tower, city wall, Muslim Street, very close to the walk to go. health condition is fine, breakfast delicious. very good.
  • bluce004
    Overall feeling of good, service is good good good
  • bbui1
    A good environment, good location, away from the Bell Tower is close to the Muslim, subway to XI an North Station half an hour in the morning, when you can live it
  • airytune
    Travel for me,
  • Jeff goo
    Traffic is very convenient, 603 to the hotel from the train station, 26 to the Shaanxi History Museum, 46 and the Daming Palace, room was quiet, clean and very good!
  • elegte
    Location Hotel good food and shelter environment is very convenient nice convenient room facilities at reasonable prices to suggest that people can choose this hotel likes to XI ' an ~
  • blueman
    Very good
  • lixuww
    Single room was very crowded, TV response slow, but managers can also say give me room, watching others quite sincere, and just for one night, right. around is near the Bell Tower, as well as Muslim snack Street, eating place.
  • outwindcn
    Hotel time, services are generally
  • panpan39
    Good location, convenient traffic, Xian decided to stay here after the
  • andy650618
    OK, very convenient. environment
    Play is located in the city centre more convenient.
  • rrrrr
    That's good
  • yang7511
    In addition to convenience, others are so-so.
    That's good
  • waterman
    Water heater has no hot water! bad review
  • mylin08
    Great location, Xian travel preferred hotels!
  • im415427520
    Well, from the Bell Tower, is close to the Muslim snack Street, hotel services are good.
  • fioita
    Very convenient, Muslim Street, Bell and drum tower are within walking distance
  • danielwcy
    Hotel location very good
  • dawn0506
    From near the clock tower, room was very small and convenient
  • tingdaxiaojie
    Old hotel, good lobby services and management in place, traffic convenient, central business district, shopping
  • candi000
    Situated close to the clock tower, transport, catering, shopping is very convenient, price was quite high. I wasn't too pleased with is really poor sound insulation of the room, and overall good health, but feeling slightly dirty the carpet.
  • GWM168
    Geographical location is great, in the city center, convenient traffic, out there near the bus station and subway station, in particular eating special ~ hotel is small but good ~