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Xi 'an ancient hold inkstone exhibited for the first time

Date: 2015-11-03

Xinhua net xi 'an on November 3 (reporter Feng Guo) four of the ancient Chinese literati at least "treasures" - by replacing ink, the ink stone are often referred to as one of the four. A few days ago, the ancient Chinese ink stone exhibition held in xi 'an, a total of 150 (set) the ancient ink stone, including liao dynasty orphan works.
The antique ink slab find Jane - inkstone culture in ancient China exhibited by the xi 'an source horwath museum, the exhibition is composed of three parts, including the development and evolution of ancient ink stone, liao inkstone treasures and antique ink slab rubbings XieYing, more fully shows the inkstone culture in ancient China's development and prosperity.
Xi 'an source horwath museum curator lu zhiyong, said the exhibition of ancient ink stone and relevant stationeries appliance, in addition to the material variety, more everything in different periods of typical inkstone, to understand the ancient literati's spiritual world and inkstone the position and role of culture in the Chinese traditional culture, has important significance.
One of the features of the exhibition including the part of the liao dynasty orphan works on display, liao MAO the first law of times of pine marble anise flying grain inkstone is one of them. And the law of The Times as the liao royal family, always loved the culture, to make good use of qidan culture, Chinese writing, poetry, painting with the name of inkstone is orphan works, is of great significance in the history of liao dynasty culture.
JiNaiJun wenbo experts said the rise in the tenth century early prairie culture and the culture of the liao dynasty carried on the organic fusion, liao yan have repeatedly innovation in production. For example, to meet the need of qidan nationality in March inkstone, warm inkstone is to adapt to the cold weather under heating system to prevent freezing.
In addition, the show also includes some stationeries appliance is extremely precious. China's rare in han dynasty cicada ink, for example, in the Ming dynasty silver dragon barrel, beiyang warlord leader "tsao kun", "not to drink alcohol, can be assigned a new poem" the arm is put aside, and enjoy the "hidden inkstone thousand number" of the reputation of the qing dynasty Gao Fenghan precious rubbings etc.