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Taste the history development of xi 'an

Date: 2015-11-03

Report from our correspondent (reporter wang ying would like to). "when I was 20 years ago xi 'an hasn't the subway, the change of the xi 'an really big." Yesterday in lintong, ze the ancient philosophers taste the history, feel the development of xi 'an. It is reported, the Confucius institute of China Radio International broadcasting all campers, winter camp will be in xi 'an for a five-day visit to study, in search of a silk road civilizations at the same time, feel the charm.
The visit xi 'an study of more than 20 students from eight Confucius classroom, the students were from Russia, Italy, Finland, Japan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh eight countries.
First stop is to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors, yesterday from Japan's nagano jersey I'm very glad to the ancient philosophers, in 1995 she and her mother had to once and again after 20 years, the change of xi 'an to her astonishment. Because like China, her six years ago by the local Confucius classroom learning, not only learn the Chinese language, but also learned to make dumplings, play Chinese chess, for had a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. The trip to xi 'an, she hope to chat with local students, communication, know more friends, deepen friendship.
Subsequently, the campers visited banpo ruins and palace ruins. In the next few days, campers will travel to wild goose pagoda, datang city that never sleeps, xi 'an ancient city wall, han chang 'an site, field to understand Chinese history; Visit the museum of qin, the forest of steles museum, the guanzhong folk art museum, learning Chinese culture, and Chinese language training in xi 'an jiaotong university, communicate with students, interactive.