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"51" to travel Domestic lower-tier cities hotel reservation

Date: 2017-04-27

Before and after the "May Day" holiday a year are all travel peak, in the first half of this year is no exception.With routine travel to released the "2017" 51 "holiday tourism consumption trend report shows that during the period of" May Day "scenic area and the surrounding swim in are expected to be 2.63 times that of the qingming festival small long vacation, domestic travel, outbound travel number compared with the qingming festival also has a significant growth.
With routine tourism provide sample survey data show that the surrounding tourism is still the most popular type of travel, accounted for nearly half, conform to the "long long swim, swim short ones around" the law of tourism consumption.However, there are a lot of consumers choose to "false" to travel a long way, and effectively support the "51" during the domestic long-term travel and outbound tourism market.In terms of gameplay, residents' tourism consumption in housing and play on the way there have been some new trends, the home stay facility such as non-standard accommodation needs continue to rise, increasing road.
The reporter understands from the aspects of ctrip travel, this year "51", such as sanya, xiamen, guilin, Beijing is the preferred domestic destinations for travelers, but not to the most beloved domestic tourism scenic spot of Shanghai Disneyland.Overseas, most of foreign tourists to southeast Asia and Japan, with group tour destination outside Bangkok in the first place, phuket is the domestic tourists favorite destination outside the free line.
Way cattle travel network monitoring data shows that affected by the holiday season, the user increasing demand for tourism products, popular tourist destination ticket price rise significantly, some train tickets have been sold out in advance, but most of the hotel prices is relatively stable.Way cattle travel network YuXuan hotel division general manager, said: "the" 51 "little long holiday, most hotel prices are relatively stable, users need not worry about the hotel prices."