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Employed 200 people pretend to be friends and relatives in xian a man the ceremony was taken away by the police

Date: 2017-05-01

Five small long holiday, many people catch up on the day to get married.Xi 'an girl xiao liu talked for three years in love and lover, was the big day, can let her wildest dreams is the wedding, the groom's unexpectedly is hired to more than 200 family and friends!The woman called the police on the spot, the bridegroom was taken away by the police.

At noon yesterday, when reporters arrived at the xi 'an three daqin hot springs hotel royal banquet hall near the bridge, police have arrived, reporter the first time the man invited guests of the scene, interviewed about 200 guests said nobody know the groom, among them are being paid to.

Man in the talent market to recruit some of the people, also caused a lot of students in college students part-time group, even random looking for a "strong" gather together, in order to charge, he is really done my mind.

Brides: "at noon, we didn't see his parents, to feel cheated."

After it is odd that found the problem, the woman stopped the wedding and immediately called the police, then police investigation.

Today early in the morning, the reporter understands in Epang Palace police station, now the groom wang mou is still under investigation.So, what this hire people pretend to be them to reception joke who organized?The purpose of doing so?Why didn't the man's family to attend a wedding?

Daqin hot springs health park royal banquet hall is the place where wedding yesterday, today, before the reporter arrived here and held a wedding, so at the scene, the reporter did not find any valuable information, however, some people think that the wedding and ordinary wedding yesterday at the scene of some are different.

Reporter: "have no team was ridiculous?"

"Bride" friends: "have, in addition to the driver, however, a total of no more than five people, including the groom."

Reporter: "is there something different to the hotel after?"

"Bride" friends, "yes, we just to the hotel after approach, just say hello, we are the man no one say hello, and then the field we have just arrived, found the dishes on the table have begun to eat, I feel this unexpected, next we table a table to verify, only to find that no one know the groom."

According to insiders, the wedding preparation or pro, 60 table size is not small, car and, even invited professional wedding company early intervention, but this seems ready to good wedding please of the male relatives and friends are mostly hired actors, there is neither male relatives, but also the lack of a important thing.

Reporter: "they had brought a marriage certificate?"

"The bride" sister: "haven't brought."

"Bride" friends, "thought is hosting a wedding and then get married, but before the man also took his false parents met a bride."

Reporter: "how do you know what is false?"

"Bride" friends, "now in the police station, the groom's parents really are."